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In his weekly press conference Terry Bradshaw Jersey , coach Mike Tomlin began by addressing one of the greatest problems facing the team this season.“The significant element of play was the turnover ratio. But not only in this game. If you look back at the last eight quarters of football for us, as a football team, it’s something we’ve got to tighten up and tighten up rather quickly.”Coach Tomlin went on to point out it is not just turnovers on offense, but the lack of takeaways on defense.“We’ve turned the ball over some on offense. We’ve got to do a better job of safeguarding and preserving it in everything that we do. Whether it’s a run, or passing, or running with the football, etc. And on the defense of side of the ball, save the last snap of the game in Jacksonville, we’ve played eight quarters of football without creating a turnover. I think you can’t have one discussion without the other. Turning the ball over is less of an issue if you’re getting it. Not getting turnovers is less of an issue if you’re preserving and taking care of it. So we’ve got issues in both areas and it’s created issues for us globally. We were fortunate to get out of Jacksonville鈥?and obviously we weren’t able to get out of Denver.”Tomlin went on to describe what the Steelers need to do to flip the turnover margin in their favor.“So we’ve got work to do in that area. It’s very fundamental. We always work in that area. But it’s a re-centering, if you will- a point of emphasis- and we’ll continue along those lines until we get the desired result. And to be quite honest with you, we better get the desired result very quickly because of the significant challenge we have coming before us.”Coach Tomlin also acknowledged the Steelers are not up to par with the elite teams in the NFL in this area.“We https://www.steelerssportshop.com/Ryan-Switzer-Jersey , as a football team, if there’s one area we are lacking in, in terms of development, is that turnover ratio. I think we are toward the bottom part of the league. And again, it’s twofold. We’ve got to do a better job of taking care of it. We’ve got to do a better job of seizing it and getting it, particularly with some of the duress that we’ve been able to create defensively. We create a lot of sacks and so forth. Just by virtue of those statistics, it should be the type of helter-skelter necessary to get turnovers and it just hasn’t happened for us. So we’ve got some work to do.”Coach Tomlin was asked what can be done by defenses to create more turnovers.“It starts, first of all, with just simply ball awareness. We teach that and talk that probably more than anything. Being aware of where the ball is located, who’s holding it, how they’re holding it Landry Jones Color Rush Jersey , and what they’re trying to do with it and how that relates to your assignment. And that’s just a general Football 101 description of ball awareness. But anytime you’re talking about getting the football, from a defensive perspective, it starts there. So everyone can relate to that. A defensive lineman can relate to that relative to his pass rush. A defensive back can relate to that relative to covering people and attempting to break up potential completions, etc. I think everyone can talk about and think about how ball awareness relates to the specific task but they have to do with an any particular defensive call.”Additionally, Tomlin was asked if focusing on takeaways could somehow affect either coverage or tackling.“Potentially. There’s risk/reward associated with everything that you do in football. I feel comfortable asking professionals to have an increased emphasis in a certain area without worrying about our tackling going helter–skelter.” Mike Tomlin summed up the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 21-14 loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 12 at the start of his post-game press conference:“We didn’t do a good enough job of taking care of the ball, and we also didn’t do a good enough job of getting the football, and I think, I just finished telling the team that, you gotta look at it at from that perspective. It is a dual responsibility. We didn’t take care of the ball well enough, and we didn’t balance that out by getting the ball, so when you are minus-whatever we were in the game it is going to be tough to win. We have some work to do.”Yep.The tale of the game for the Steelers was Franco Harris Jersey , by far, the turnover ratio. Steelers turnovers - 4Broncos turnovers - 0Of those four Pittsburgh turnovers, several took points off the board, and 14 Denver points were scored off those turnovers. Talk about significant plays. When you look deeper, the Steelers’ turnover margin is curious to say the least. Pittsburgh entered the Week 12 AFC showdown with a -3 in the turnover/takeaway stat line, and when you add the -4 on Sunday in Denver, the whopping -7 puts them well into the bottom third of the league.In fact, based on the statistics heading into Week 12, their negative turnover ratio is joined by the Baltimore Ravens (-3) and Tennessee Titans (-3) as the only teams with a negative ratio, yet still having a record of .500 or better.The turnovers can be pin-pointed when it comes to assigning blame. Ben Roethlisberger’s final pass of the game, which was intercepted at the goal line Merril Hoge Color Rush Jersey , is inexcusable — on a play that looked “off” from the start. James Conner’s ball security is certainly an issue and Xavier Grimble’s fumble was about as bad as they come.Speaking of takeaways, it’s more difficult to diagnose why the Steelers can’t take away the ball more often. Maybe the Steelers stopping the run better and putting offenses in predictable down-and-distance situations is the key to pinning their ears back and forcing quarterbacks to throw into tight windows. Maybe the defensive backs on the field simply aren’t of the caliber to be ball hawks capable of making splash plays. Maybe the team isn’t forcing enough fumbles due to the rules in place for those jarring hits which often take the ball away from the opponent?Whatever the case may be, the biggest factor, as was on display in Denver, is the turnovers. You can survive without taking the ball away, but rarely while giving it up. With much bigger fish to fry coming down the stretch, the Steelers might want to get a grasp on the turnovers, and quickly.
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